In order to help your teeth stay healthy, we at Red Mountain Dental encourage that you visit us every six months for a dental cleaning in Mesa, Arizona. During the cleaning, our dentist, Dr. Denver J. Palmer, and our team will remove bacteria from your teeth, helping protect your smile from gum disease. If you need to schedule your dental cleaning, contact us today at 480-981-1755.

Bacteria in your mouth can form into plaque and later into tartar, also known as calculus. During a dental cleaning, our dentist and team will clean out plaque and tartar to prevent gum disease and protect the health of your teeth and your smile.

In some cases, however, a more in-depth cleaning is needed to maintain your oral health and stop the progress of gum disease. Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning treatment that cleans both the surface and the roots of your teeth. This process may take several appointments, depending on your needs. We provide local anesthesia during this treatment to help keep you comfortable. Scaling and root planing may also be paired with other periodontal treatments, including antibiotic treatment.

To learn more about dental cleanings, contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your smile!

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