If you have wisdom teeth or a decayed or damaged tooth, you might be in need of a tooth extraction to protect your smile. Our dentist, Dr. Denver J. Palmer, and team also offer dental implants to restore your smile after an extraction, as well as sedation dentistry to help you relax during procedures. The links below offer more information about each of these services.

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We provide two types of tooth removal at our office:

  • Wisdom teeth removal: If you have third morals, or wisdom teeth, we can take out these teeth to prevent crowding and other dental issues in your mouth.
  • Tooth extractions: We can extract teeth that are too decayed or damaged to be saved by other treatments and need be removed to preserve the rest of your smile and your oral health.

Unlike wisdom teeth removal, tooth extractions will leave a gap in your smile. To replace extracted teeth, we provide dental implants. These implants are permanent and act like natural teeth, restoring your smile.

Perhaps the thought of getting a tooth extracted or receiving a dental implant makes you anxious. We offer several types of sedation dentistry (nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation) to help you feel comfortable and have a pleasant appointment.

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